Can you imagine an Indian restaurant without Indian chefs? We can do that now with the launch of our HPPed curry products in the US grocery stores by April 2017.HPP is the high pressure pasteurization which keeps Curry good for 50 days in the cooler without using any preservatives or food additives.We started in Oct 2009 after taking over an existing Indian restaurant ‘Temptations’ which was operating since Sept 2004. Its location was ideal for our goal to make the first Indian food chain in the world. It is located just 2 miles from EMU, Ypsilanti and 4 miles from University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. As for history, it is just 4 blocks away from the first Domino’s Pizza store which started its operations in 1969.

As per our plan we made forays into 4 campus locations by Sept 2010 ~ 2 at U of M, 1 at EMU and 1 at Adrian College. These locations are called ‘satellite centers’ as we take our food cooked at Ypsilanti location and sell at the cafeterias on the designated days like on Mondays and Wednesdays at Commons Café (North campus, U of M). We have had contract with Aramark and Sodexho ~ 2 biggest food service providers in the US. In 2011, we opened our first franchise in Columbus, OH which is considered the food capital of US being home to Wendy, Bob Evans etc. Also we served at 6 corporate cafeterias in the South-Eastern Michigan in 2012. In 2012 we opened an independent satellite location at Wayne State University in Detroit without kitchen.

After almost 4 years of trials and tribulations, we changed our venture name to ‘Nirmal’ (means Pure) to emphasize our new message of 'disruptive eating' and new business model of ‘Eat Healthy Drink Healthy.’ Our goal still remains the same ~ to make an Indian food chain in true sense and now we have a mission to combat the ‘Overweight prevalence or Obesity’ in the US. Also through 'disruptive eating', each of us can make a global impact. Please read our blog at or the blogs at our website.

We are looking for the partners who believe in our vision and mission and are ready to commit themselves to realize our goal of making the first Indian food chain. If you are interested, please contact us at or visit us at our address Nirmal Indian Cuisine, 2874 Washtenaw Avenue, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.

1.Menu for a food chain

we are in touch with the patent clinic at Wayne State University for the patent or copyright of our menu and the video game on 'disruptive eating.' Also we are in the process of publishing a book on 'disruptive eating' which can take our message very far and beyond the US

a. Replacing buffet with $5 food box (5 items) ~ buffet not good for healthy eating, not good for business too, read our blog 'say No to the buffet

b. Only whole wheat bread (Roti) ~ No tandoor oven, no Naan (white flour bread) ~ read our blog 'why whole wheat bread'

c. Focus on 'Curry' ~ only restaurant with 'Make your own entree' , only 'curry' option and 8 oz offering, now in grocery stores with 50 days shelf-life

d. Meat for protein? ~ promoting vegetarian eating specially lentils, soya chunks and tofu

e.Promoting goat meat ~ in the US, only 8-10% of the population are vegetarians or vegans, goat healthier than chicken, read our blog 'why goat meat'

f. Messaging ~ from our phone no to the logo to our blog to our usage of bio-degradable products, the message is Eat Healthy, Save Energy, Save our planet

Space needed for Nirmal franchise:

2000-2500 sq ft with dine-in for 50 persons, with no Tandoor oven, we can convert any American or Mexican restaurant to Nirmal, drive-through location an added bonus

Kitchen Equipments:

a.10-ft kitchen hood ~ it would be easy to convert any closed restaurant with the hood to Nirmal

b.3-door cooler, 2-door freezer and 2-door prep cooler ~ one each 6-burner commercial range

d.One big stove (90K BTU) for making sauces

e.Big handi for making sauces, pans and containers (various sizes)

Outside Equipments:

Food counter cum cash counter, Square-up stand with i-pad, cash register and printer(for cash-out & POS), 2-door cooler (for Indian drinks), outside signage, menu posters, Water filter (with hot and cold water), window signage, 12 tables with 4 chairs each, 1 long table for waiting area, 2 big trash cans

2. Our story

a. ~ Telegraph India article

b. ~ Columbus Dispatch article

c. ~ our blog

Brain behind our evolution to Nirmal linked-in profile, having spent almost 5 years to build the basic building block for an Indian food chain, he is focussed now to take the concept of 'disruptive eating' to the wider audience through the book and the video game.

What you get as Nirmal franchise

a.the ready Curry like Mother's curry (onion based),Tikka Masala curry with 50 days shelf-life

b.the training booklet and one week training at our Ypsi location or your location

c.the usage of our existing website and one month targeted marketing campaign

d. for locations far away from Michigan, everything above with 2-week traing program and the marketing campaign at your site and training booklet

Ideal expansion plan for Nirmal

there are 3500 Indian restaurants in 1000 cities all over the US. Our aim is to convert one Indian restaurant per state into Nirmal CPD like our Ypsi location (central production cum distribution unit). One CPD can support 10-15 locations including the satellite centers in campus and corporate cafeterias and other Nirmal locations nearby. With no Tandoor oven, we envisage all-women staffed Nirmal, a first for any restaurant.